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 Monday 10.01.2022

 15:00 Lecture: Machine Learning by Michael Wand

 16:00 Tutorial: Machine Learning


 Tuesday 11.01.2022

 09:00 Lecture: Coarse-Graining I by Denis Andrienko

 10:00 Tutorial: Coarse-Graining I


 15:00 Lecture: Deep Learning by Michael Wand

 16:00 Tutorial: Deep Learning


 Wednesday 12.01.2022

 09:00 Lecture: Finite Element Method by Aaron Brunk

 10:00 Tutorial: Finite Element Method


 15:00 Lecture: Coarse-Graining II by Florian  Müller-Plathe

 16:00 Tutorial: Coarse-Graining II


 Thursday 13.01.2022

 09:00 Lecture: Computational Fluid Dynamics by Aaron Brunk

 10:00 Tutorial: Computational Fluid Dynamics




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