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A9 (N):Coarse grained nonequilibrium dynamics of active soft matter

The goal of this project is to develop a conceptually new multiscale simulation method for the nonequilibrium dynamics of (active) soft matter systems. Here, a particular challenge concerns the description of phoretic interactions, which have been mainly described in far-field so-far, despite the high experimental relevance of the near-field regime. The method which we develop in this project, will allow for a highly efficient description of these interactions including the important near-field regime, by combining discontinous Galerkin-based methods to perform fine-grained simulations with particle based coarse-graining methods (in particular a force-matching-like method) applied to force-free phoretic interactions. This approach contrasts existing descriptions of the relevant interactions, which involve an explicit simulation of the (here eliminated) phoretic field.

Funding for this project started in April 2020

Interactions in active colloids
Benno Liebchen, Aritra K Mukhopadhyay
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter34 (8),083002 (2021);

Active droploids
Jens Grauer, Falko Schmidt, Jesús Pineda, Benjamin Midtvedt, Hartmut Löwen, Giovanni Volpe, Benno Liebchen
Nature Communications12 (1), (2021);


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